Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

When one thinks of the effects of weight loss, one usually thinks of frollicking on a beach in that tight fitting bathing suit, or turning heads in that shapely suit or dress. However, the medical benifits of weight loss, although not as outwardly obvious, can be more dramatic and long-lasting. Becoming non-obese, that is to say less than a BMI(body mass index) of 30 kg/m2, has some powerful effects. It lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke by 3.3 times, type 2 diabetes by 70%, and both men and women can live 7-10 years longer. There are over 200 medical benifits for those that obtain the non-obese status.


At Dr Huffnagle's Center For Medical Weight Loss, we identify where you are and where we think you'd like your weight to be. With your health and personal information in mind, we customize a weight loss program to realize those goals as quickly and as easily as possible.